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COVID-19 during the Holiday Season

Greetings, With daylight hours shortening, colorful leaves covering the ground, and a crisp breeze chilling the morning air, our New England fall soon will transition into winter.  Many look forward to this time of year with great anticipation, knowing the … Continue reading

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Eating Well: The Balanced Plate

The Atkins Diet. The South Beach Diet. The Paleo Diet. The Mediterranean Diet. The Keto Diet. Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers. Awaken 180. Isagenix. Most of us have heard of at least some of these diets and meal replacement programs. While … Continue reading

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Being Mindful

Some of my most insightful conversations with my children occur when I have a captive audience.   Long car rides, cross-country plane flights, or a shared ski lift are just a few examples.    I was recently navigating rush hour traffic in … Continue reading

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Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Mr. R is a 64 year old man who is experiencing fatigue.  He maintains a busy schedule both at work and home, but makes sure that he gets eight hours of sleep each night.  Despite setting aside this time to … Continue reading

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Travel Health

You’ve purchased your airline tickets, reserved a hotel, and planned the itinerary for your trip.   Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you prepare in advance for your journey.   What clothes do I need to bring?  Should I stop delivery of … Continue reading

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